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13 reports about 105-254-9693

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Nafe 13th Jul, 2011+0
She said she had recieved my resume buy left no other message.
702HATER 12th Jul, 2011+0
la pedal en plus detre impoli il appel che ns et ne vx pas laisser de message. DETRUISER MOI SE MEC.
Rose Stringer 12th Jul, 2011+0
scam company calls al the time even after asking to be removed form list many times. report them to the better business bureau, and anywhere you thjink will stop them from driving everyone nuts.
Laleya 11th Jul, 2011+0
Called,wanted to speak with someone who was not at home. Refused to leave a message
Hugh 9th Jul, 2011+0
When I called them back they asked for "James Spencer III". I told him there is no Sr., Jr. or III. He said must be misguided call and that he'll remove my number from their data base. (Hope he was telling me the truth.)
William Floor 9th Jul, 2011+0
Left voicemail claiming to want to talk to me or my attorney about a very important matter that needed my immediate attention. Very strong accent.
B & B Harre 9th Jul, 2011+0
They call at least 3 times a day and hang up. The caller ID comes up private caller, according to map finder the number is generated from Fremont, CA.
nlb11 8th Jul, 2011+0
They called looking for someone who was not me. Hard to hear, lots of noise in the background, but caller stated it was imperitive that "I" call her back.
danielle 8th Jul, 2011+0
Unknown caller dialing in. Suspect telemarketer and I am on a do not call list!
gmcolon1 7th Jul, 2011+0
calls 5 plus times per day hangs up if answered
sneakybastage 5th Jul, 2011+0
Been called several times by this answer, my mams answered the phone twice when they've rang. The first time they were silent, the second time they asked for me by my first name o_O
patico 5th Jul, 2011+0
Will not stop calling will not speak and will not remove my name from there list.
Ambria 1st Jul, 2011+0
Received call at 4:30am...the caller asked for me by my full name...when I asked who it was, he asked again... then I was silent, and he hung up... very scary

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